Abbracciaio By Kartell


In the list of things to buy for every family, a 245 US dollars candle holder is for sure not a priority, but this could actually be wrong:

Yes, because we’re all dropping money for overrated food, weekend drinks or entertainment, and too often we forget to select objects which can give us a real return of investment in long-term speaking.

Designed by superstar Philippe Starck with Ambroise Maggiar for Milanese brand Kartell, these candle holders prove once again how design can be vital and functional for our life. Build with a solid aluminum but light and easy to handle at the same time, this piece fit easily every surface. And even if they are no longer used for lighting like in the ancient times, candles still the best options for setting a relaxed or a romantic mood in every environment.

However, this object is even more worth for the powerful story it tells: the two structures composing the candle holder are linked together in a hug (btw the name of the candle holder is created using the Italian words "abbraccio" which means HUG and "acciaio" which means STEEL) while the candles are looking like two heads facing each other. Looking at the candles burning, you can almost hear them whispering: I am melting when I at you.  


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