Teil1 Keinedelay


The development of the Keinedelay began several years ago, as many prototypes were tested directly by Mr. Gregor Sütterlin, Berliner superstar DJ known as Rampa, capable music producer behind the success of Keinemusik records label. The success was immediately great but the time as the live performer of Rampa was limited in order to follow up the high demand. The title of the very first hardware model was KD7 Keinedelay: The name derivate from Boss DD-7 Digital Delay, nowadays not so popular in the DJ scene even if is a live music industry standard. 
The number of electronic performers using the DD7 nowadays still high, but all the truth is that the DD7 comes from another era.
Rampa saw into developing a more specific DJ oriented gear the opportunity to release a much more powerful tool: the Keinedelay is ultra compact and easy to use and place in each Dj booth. It has a metal body with all edges are rounded. Three large buttons, which remind the one of joystick of vintage arcade console, are easy to catch in dark rooms; The original signal is passed analogously through the effects device without conversion and the delay is generated via DSP. The AD / DA converters operate with 24 bits.