Making Music by Ableton


Titled Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers and written by Dennis DeSantis, Ableton’s head of documentation, the 341 page hardcover explores the creative side of music-making, breaking down the creative angle into two hemisphere’s of thought, philosophical and music theory.

As the title suggests, it delves into issues that producers tend to encounter in the studio and possible ways of working through them.

Chapter titles like "Arranging as a subtractive process”, "Listening to music you hate" and “Write drunk; edit sober" tells everything about the original approach of the author to music: do not expect an Ableton Live composite manual or a collection of nerdy tutorials, Making Music isn’t about it.

Is a series of question and answer and in other words problems and solutions printed on distinctive colorful pages. However, the coolest part is the fact the book is not a Live-centric / Ableton-specific: is a series of precious advices for each artist (filmmakers, composers and musicians) on the correct creative process to follow, and a superb guide correct for the right mindset to reach in order to improve the workflow.