Trikk - Mundu Ritual (Innervisions)


There’s no doubt that African oriented sounds are booming and ready to take over: those types of vocals, percussions are overall present in the most recent fine electronic productions. But no one like the producer Bruno Deodato, also knows as Trikk, is influencing the market with such a brilliant new sound.

“Mundu ritual” is an eight tracks album on german label, Innervisions, able to prove that Portuguese artist vision was able to compose something really innovative and modern, inspired however by the traditional environment. Deep melodies and an ethnic approach prove this is the right direction to follow for upcoming 2018. However Mundu Ritual spilt by Part.1 and Part.2 is also a phenomenal hour of music available on that showcase the original touch and great music sensitivity of Trikk: absolutely a pearl not to be missed!