Little Black Door

Little black door

There’s no flashing neon sign, or cheesy sponsored advertising about the Little Black Door; it doesn’t need it. In fact, it’s only when a crowd gathers down on what seems like a dead-end corridor, after midnight, that you realize it even exists.

The Londoner concept open “its door” just one year ago, but it became a standard in a sophisticated city like Dubai. This venue has never been about the design, or the fresh hype. It’s about quality rather than quantity: the copper bar counter is just a state of art, for spending a whole night hanging out with friends, drinking to get drunk, or just enjoying the deep house music that the guy behind the counter is spinning. Bar tenders are dressed to impress, with vintage style and great attitude and knowledge.

Take the drink in the picture above as example: the “Octopussy” is a game changer concept rather than drink for the entire middle east. A sweet and light cocktail able to make you emotional, like the quality of service and the overall experience.

Little Black Door’s strength is it serving both the needs of a quiet couple looking for an atmospheric post-dinner drink, or a more excitable crowd spending there the whole night. I also heard you can have a whole proper dinner there, however I can easily label it as my favorite spot in Dubai at this stage, and for sure my first recommendation for my dearest friends and guests.

The perfect bar, that closes at 3 am.