Ableton Live 10


Live 10 will be released in the first part of 2018 and the Download versions will be at the price of 449 USD for Live Standard, 749 USD for Live Suite.

Live 9 has now 20% off, and whoever will buy the available version will be entitled to a free upgrade.

Ableton 10 will bring four new Devices, a new core library (recalibrate to include richer sounds and better organize), workflow enhancements that will speed up the music creation process and the amazing option to have Max for Live fully baked into the software. Also Push, Ableton’s versatile controller, will follow the update making the creative process more fluid. What else to expect then? For sure a new synth called Wavetable, that includes a variety of waveforms derived from both analog synths and other instruments; but also new effects like the Echo delay, a drum sculpting tool named drum bass and Pedal. The software still looks very much like the Live we know and love and the interface looks cleaner and clearer, while “Capture” does archives your ideas automatically, even if we have not decided to record, like the Logic X capture recording.

I personally found lovely the fact that is now possible to edit multiple MIDI clips in one view only and the opportunity to rename all the inputs and outputs, making it much easier to keep track of the routing paths. The last time Ableton Live launched a fully new release was during 2013, another age in term of music software.

This will be a must have to enhance our workflow and productivity.