Bread Is Gold


Attention: this is not a book review!

Could be just an advice on how to invest your money next. Yes, because those 400 pages collected together by Foodstar Massimo Bottura are going to make some serious savings in your bank account if you doing it right. How?? Teaching us how to cook "extraordinary meals with ordinary ingredients".

So is this another book of receipts? No, this is much more. Following the big success of Reffetorio Ambrosiano during Expo 2015 in Milan (the docufilm "Food for Soul" on Netflix is another #mustsee) The Italian Chef felt the responsibility to put together hundreds of friends and food legends from all around the globe in order to delivery a extraordinary statement for the future: the result is a blend of wisdom and innovation, a babel of advice, ideas, culinary tips, and stories.

The book is a true "manifesto" with the clear purpose to pass to the younger generations the consciousness about food waste: this powerful tool "looks at the past in a critical way, not in a nostalgic one, able to bring the best from the past into the future.”